Hi, I’m Karry and I’m the founder of The Underdogue.

The Underdogue Ltd. combines an online shopping site for dogs’ clothing and accessories and a social responsibility brand supporting dog adoption and rescuing.

The idea for The Underdogue struck while figuring out what I can do from home while looking after my son. I’ve always been a dog person and my childhood dream was to save all the stray dogs in the world. I wanted to create a brand for dog owners to find everything they need for their furry friends all in one place. I would love to introduce unique new styles that are only available at The Underdogue.

The name of the boutique combines the word underdog with the French word for fashion – vogue. The name suggests that even those who may were once considered to be the underdogs all hide a stylish and fashionable dog and most of all they just want to be happy and loved. I also wanted to imply that everyone has their own personality and they must feel good about being their true self, even dogs.

I not only wanted to have a cute clothing and accessories online boutique, but also to make a difference in the lives of doggies who don’t have homes and loving owners. Therefore, The Underdogue will be involved in charity fundraisers and donations. We’ve gathered with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to have an option during our checkout process to voluntarily donate to their shelter. The website will also tell the stories of dogs that need new loving owners and those happy ones who already found them.

All the products under The Underdogue label are produced in boutique quantities. I think that as an owner of a startup business I also have to also support other small business owners. Therefore, everything made under the label is made by small manufacturers in Bulgaria (this is where I’m originally from) who specialise in making dogs’ outfits, accessories, beds with the highest quality materials. The goal is to have fresh and exclusive styles often and to offer unique items for every taste.

We are happy to discuss individual orders for special occasions and will work with you on delivering the best quality at an affordable price. I hope you’ll have a good time around here!